I can never think of a time that I wasn't interested in drawing or painting. In my early teens I bought my first set of oil paints and proceeded to teach myself how to use them. Of course I painted seascapes and I sold the majority of them to family friends, by word of mouth as there wasn’t any internet back then.

Over the years I have dabbled with different subjects and with different styles, but  I have always returned to my first love and that painting "The Ocean".   I now concentrate most of my work on ocean waves and beach art.

I am really fortunate to live on the South East Coast of N.S.W, Australia, where I am surrounded by so many magnificent beaches , I truly have an abundance of brilliant subject material to choose from.

I enjoy traveling around subject hunting, taking  photographs to take back to my studio and use  as reference material.  My desire for detail and love for painting comes out in each of my artworks, I spend many hours on each piece to gain the desired effects. Every one of my paintings will take you to a place of relaxation, they evoke emotions and for some, memories. When I am painting, I feel like I am in the moment, immersed in the water with every stroke of my brush.


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